Lunch at a sushi restaurant.

I’ve started a blog for studying English.
I’m going to write about my routine for today.

Today, is my day off from work.
I wake up at 8 am. I do stretching every morning.
In the morning, I search for a nice blog for my platform because I don’t know what kinds of platforms are common in English.
Finally, I decided to try to write in Blogger and Medium.

At noon, I went to the sushi restaurant alone.
I usually buy bento-box at the supermarket for my lunch, but today, I wanted to eat fresh salmon.
I ordered salmon bowl and “arajiru”.
Arajiru is miso soup with a lots of bony parts of fishes.
We can eat it at sushi restaurant or fisherman restaurant.
It’s really tasty and it makes me fill.
Salmon bowl and “chawanmushi” ware a set. Chawanmushi is steamed egg custard, but It’s not sweet. It’s also tasty, but I am already full, so I asked a staff not to bring chawanmushi.
I was relieved that she said yes, because some restaurant can’t allow that.

When I was about to leave, they gave me a japanese radish.
It was interesting and strange.
They gave me a cabbage last month and I thought it was because they bought too much cabbages, but there may be another reason.
Anyway, I was happy to get ingredients. I went home imagining about the story of sushi restaurant that distributes vegetables.