I bought a silicone face mask and a hat clip at Daiso which is one of the famous 100 yen shops in Japan.

I sometimes wear a facial treatment mask in the morning, but it gets off while I’m doing house chores, That’s why I was interested in the silicone face mask to cover the facial treatment mask.
Finally, I got it. It’s very convenient.
I also have silicone foot packs. I used it in winter to keep my heels moist.

The hat clip is for when riding a bicycle in summer.
It doesn’t look good, but it’s better than the hat being blown by the wind.
I’m glad to get a simple and black one.
I’m going to use it this summer.

Recently, I have been buying copies of movies I watched a long time ago.
When my friends and my family members get bored of staying home, they ask me for movie recommendations. I looked for movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but I couldn’t find some movies that I expected to find.
After that, I noticed that we cannot watch some masterpiece movies on stream or even on disc.
I’ mo not sure if their licenses have expired or their DVDs were not just produced. …

This morning, I stretched after I got up and I was chilling while reading Line mangas. While doing so, my husband who has been watching a Kimetsu movie since early morning was back with bentos. I ate it, checked my emails and went for a walk.

I went to a clothing store to see a summer bag and walked further to an electronic store. I wanted a radio wave facial device of the previous model of Panasonic, but I didn’t buy it because they only have the latest model.

I walked for about 2 hours and my soles started to…

I went to the office yesterday for the first time in a month.
After returning home late, I had my English teacher correct my diary, took a bath, and went to bed at 1:30.
I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about various things, I remembered an unpleasant manga I read more than 20 years ago.
This manga was about a mother and her daughter. The mother’ s love is so strong that she breaks her mental and finally kills her daughter.
I suddenly remembered that scary story and felt uncomfortable, so I tried to change the story. Let’s get the daughter up and…

I rented a high frequency treatment device.

I went to an acupuncture clinic this morning.
I get an acupuncture every week for three months.

I have had a back stiffness since I was in high school, so I’ve been to massage, Shiatsu, chiropractic, etc. I didn’t think they could cure me, only temporarily to ease.
For the last few years, I’ve been going to a massage twice a month, but a few months after I started working from home last year, I thought it’s time to treat my back.

The first day at an acupuncture clinic, I felt that the treatment needed a lot of time. Recently, I think my back is slowly getting better and better.
I’m not used to being hit by a needle, so I get nervous every time.
Sometimes, even if acupuncture is applied to my back, the ankles or abdomen are irritated. I feel a nerve connection.

I repaired my husband’s headphones today.
He bought a new one because it broke, but he was doing the same thing a month ago. So I watched the broken headphones and I found that only a part of the plastic was broken.
There was a gap in the broken part, so I put an adhesive on it with a tissue in between. I’ m drying it now. After it dries I cut a tissue and it looks like a new one. It’s easy.
It’s not an expensive one, but I think I want to fix what can be repaired.

I worked a lot today.
It’s a photo taken from the train.
I like to take pictures of the dusk.

photo taken during the walk

I organized the photo folders today.
When I moved the data to the NAS at the end of last year, I made a mistake and deleted some photo folders.
Although the data could be recovered by software, the numbers for the same photos recovered were doubled or tripled, so it increased to tens of thousands.
I left it for 5 months after that, but sinceI walked a lot yesterday, I wanted to do detailed work today, so I opened the folder for the first time in a while.
I was able to organize about 3000 photos by moving and deleting them for good, but there is still a long way to go.

Today, I walked as planned today.
I walked for 2 hours.
It was nice weather and the sun was hot.

I bought soft serve ice cream on my way home and I ate it after I got home.
Then, I played the board game “Lost Ruins of Arnak” with my husband.
It has an Indian Jones feel. We enjoyed it.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the game.

I’m so tired that I can sleep well tonight.

Today, I made a bouquet.
After unraveling the temporarily assembled bouquet last night, I made it little by little during my free time at my work
There were a nice scent of roses, peony and mint.
while making it, suddenly some questions appeared on my mind.
If I keep mints in water, will the roots grow? so I want to try it.

I always put the finished bouquet on my desk.
It feels good to see those flowers on my desk while I am working but I don’t think it will last until Monday because as it’s getting hot these days.

Emma Light

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